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Luxembourg's Banking & Fintech sector is a dynamic hub of innovation and opportunity in Europe. Renowned for its stable regulatory environment and strategic location, Luxembourg attracts both traditional financial institutions and cutting-edge fintech startups. With the rapid growth of the sector comes an increasing demand for skilled professionals able to navigate the complexities of finance and technology.

As the industry embraces technological advances and regulatory changes, companies must prioritize the recruitment of individuals with specialized skills and a thorough understanding of the technological and regulatory aspects of banking. The aim of our recruitment consultancy is to support our customers' development in their search for the best qualified profiles and experts in the banking and fintech professions.

Our expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of the banking sector enables us to respond precisely to our clients' recruitment needs, taking into account geographical and cultural nuances.

Our recruitment firm excels in sourcing international talent for permanent, fixed-term and interim management positions essential to the Grand Duchy's banking and fintech landscape.

Our consultants put the needs of our customers first, offering innovative, personalized services, including tailored consulting, and cutting-edge sourcing techniques to present the best talent to match different vacancies.


Specialist teams in Banking & Fintech recruitment

Our recruitment consultants specialize in Banking & Fintech recruitment, both in Luxembourg and internationally. We have proven expertise in identifying qualified professionals with technical skills, as well as an in-depth understanding of the challenges specific to this sector in the country.

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We recruit on behalf of:

  • Investment banking
  • Private banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Retail banking
  • Fintech

Our references

Roles for which we recruit :

Internal Audit Roles

Internal Auditor, Chief Internal Auditor, ...

Regulatory & Reporting Roles

Finrep, Corep, Reporting Specialist / Financial Reporting Specialist, ...

Finance & Accounting Roles

Financial Accountant/ Head of Finance & Accounting / CFO/ Financial Controller/ Head of Finance, Consolidation & Controlling,...

Risk Management Roles

Risk Manager, Head of Risk Management, Chief Risk Officer, …

Compliance Roles

KYC Analyst, AML KYC Officer, Compliance Specialist, Head of Compliance, Chief Compliance Officer, …

Wealth Management Roles

Private Banker, Wealth Manager, Sales Manager, …

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