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Morgan Philips, a group committed to diversity and inclusion

Morgan Philips is an international group present in over 20 countries: wherever the Group operates, across all our recruitment and talent management activities and services, we strive to create an inclusive culture in which diversity is recognised and valued.

Diversity is an essential element of our corporate culture. Our approach promotes inclusive practices in terms of age, gender, origins, disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status. Our candidate sourcing and selection methods are based on non-discriminatory principles. Thus, we integrate qualified and diversified profiles in all the searches entrusted to us.

Gender split of our directors infographics

Gender breakdown of our
leaders (Morgan Philips Group)

Gender split of our directors infographics

Gender breakdown of our
employees (Morgan Philips Group)

Today, we need to learn from our varied experiences, our different cultural educations and our individual skills and knowledge. We must and want to encourage innovation. What better way to achieve this than by belonging to a group of people with diverse thoughts to challenge conventions and promote the development of our company?

We also know that evolving in a working environment where each individual can be themselves and feel that they have their own place is essential. By joining us, you choose a committed and cohesive team where you will be encouraged and supported throughout your career.

Proud of the diversity of our employees, and the candidates recruited for our clients, we are however aware that improvements are possible - diversity and inclusion are an ongoing process.

Diversity and inclusion are business imperatives, firmly rooted in the culture of Morgan Philips. If you wish to pursue a career in recruitment or occupy a position in one of our other functions, we invite you to send us your application.


Our commitments to combat discrimination

  • Our commitments to diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values and practices. We are committed to actively eliminating all forms of discrimination in the recruitment process. 
  • Our teams of consultants regularly benefit from specialised training, enabling them to identify and counter discrimination and to ensure fair and transparent recruitment. They are trained to respect and promote diversity, taking into account only the skills and professional abilities of candidates. 


  • As an active member of several associations dedicated to promoting equality in the workplace, we ensure that we are up to date with best practices and actively contribute to improving equity in recruitment. 
  • Choosing Morgan Philips means choosing a recruitment partner that firmly believes in diversity, equity and inclusion as drivers of success in the professional world. 

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